The NABGG Web site provides advertisers the opportunity to reach the geoscience  industry on the world's communications crossroads. NABGG's Web site should become a key part of your marketing communications program.


General Policy
Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content of advertisement on display, and are responsible for all claims made against the publisher arising from internet advertising.

The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising at the publisher's discretion.


NABGG Web Advertisement Rates 2005 – 6/05

ll banner example: 468 x 60 Pixels,  prefer 21Kb maximum

Two Advertisement Styles to Fit Your Needs


Standard Banner Ads
This banner appears on the NABGG main home page as well as on all of NABGG’s internal Web pages.

The advertiser can supply NABGG with a static or animated GIF, JPEG or PNG file.

A Flash movie is acceptable as long as the advertisement fits within the 468 x 60 dimensions.


If a Flash movie is submitted, a .FLA file is requested with any special fonts included or with text converted to outlines. The animation needs to run well at 15fps (frames per second).

NABGG reserves the right to refuse or edit annoying ads.


With Flash, multiple state buttons that bring up more information with mouse events are acceptable but need to be executed with care and will be reviewed before placed online.


Ads appear at random when a page is loaded and remain in view until the page is refreshed. Ad rotation is changed monthly. Participating advertisers will be provided first option for renewal.


Columnar Ads

Columnar ads will appear in the vertical ribbon on the left or right of the webpage.

Maximum width for columnar ads not to exceed 120 pixels. Ad heights shown are representative. Prices for ads falling outside these guidelines will be adjusted according to ad height. Call or e-mail for a firm price quote.


Advertisers 20 or 30-second ads will be continuously looped.


One link from the ad to the advertiser's Web site is available at no additional charge.


Disclaimer: NABGG web management may rescale submitted images to accommodate the style/size specifications of the NABGG website.



Monthly Rates
Cost of ad placed on page for one month.*

Web page address



120 x 360

120 x 120

120 x 40

NABGG Main Page





*25% discount for 6 months of consecutive, unchanged
banner advertisments with payment in advance.





NABGG Internal Pages













Text based Job Postings – Currently No Charge

Currently NABGG allows for the posting of career opportunities on the NABGG website by Employers at no cost. This “free” posting is done via the main NABGG webpage.

 The billing policy on these postings may be changed in the future when a formal classiifed directory is implemented, whne the new NABGG website is launched